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Microfibre/Cotton Shampoo Mitt

High quality microfibre made from ultra fine microfibre that is super soft and delicate, perfect for use on cars and paint work. Our microfibre wash mitts are highly efficient. The main advantages are the amount of water they hold, the cleaning ability of the microfibres and the way the deep pile microfibre enables the mitts...View more

Disposable Non-Woven Microfibre Wipes on a Roll

Product Detail and Usage Our non woven method of construction reduces linting (due to monofilament structure with no bonding agent) and ensuring wipes can be re-used if required (tear-proof and easy to rinse). Disposable microfibre wipes are part of a highly efficient, cost effective cleaning system designed to reduce waste, these products are ideal for...View more

Microfibre on a Roll

Premium General Purpose Microfibre. The microfibre on a roll is 1.6 metres wide and is sold per metre run. We sell it as a complete roll of 40 square metres ( 1.6 m x 25 m ) or by the metre run. If you order by the metre this is per metre run, eg: If...View more

Black Mop Pad Cushion

Black Mop Pad Cushion To be used in conjunction with our applicable size mop bases and ONLY when using disposable microfibre mops. Manufactured in Europe to our exacting standards Product Detail and Usage: The Black Mop Pad Cushion – Is to be used in conjunction with our medium base and disposable mops only. The soft...View more

Microfibre De-mist / Wash Pad

Our microfibre wash and de- mist pad is made from quality microfibre with a foam insert. Ideal for using as a sponge or a demist pad for wiping away any condensation from your windows. The microfibre is soft and the same material is used for the hemming ensuring a smooth and scratch free surface for...View more